W3 Design

Static Website Design

Static web design is best suited for sites that will not require updates often. They do not come equipped with any CMS (Content Management System) to easily make site updates like dynamic web design and are primarily used for companies that do not change their products, services, news, images, or content frequently. Static web design is usually the most cost effective route for companies that just need a corporate website, seasonal promotions, landing pages, microsites, and other online creative designs. If you want a "set it and forget it" website or page then static web design is perfect.

  • The site does not require frequent updates
  • You don't plan on changing the content
  • You can make needed updates or will request W3 to do it
  • You just need a few permanent pages about your company on the site
  • You need a landing page designed for a specific purpose

Dynamic Website Design (CMS)

Dynamic web design allows you to control your site content and update it on the fly. Equipped with our CMS (Content Management System) software. The CMS is extremely user friendly, intuitive, and easily used to make site updates instantly. W3 will develop a dynamic website to address the desired functionality for your unique project, utilizing dynamic database architecture, creative design, and custom web application integration. We will also provide you with a full training manual on how to use the CMS.

  • The site requires frequent updates
  • You plan on changing the content
  • You don't want to manually make HTML updates like in static web design
  • You want to be able to make updates instantly and on the fly
  • You have news and press releases to showcase often
  • You plan on adding services or products
  • Pictures and images are added or changed often

E-Commerce Online Shop

E-Commerce website is an advanced website that provides full facilities such as shopping cart, credit card processing and full payment integration. An e-commerce website allows its visitors to browse wide range of categories and products and buy them. E-Commerce website allows running and administering of an online store. We are able to design and develop a full E-Commerce website and even enter all your products and categories.

  • Controlling contents of the website through a CMS
  • Adding, deleting and modifying a range of categories and products easily
  • Setting attributes such as prices and quantity
  • Applying mode of delivery and time to delivery
  • Managing the orders and shipping
  • Accepting payments through different means (Credit Card, EFT, COD)